Unbox the Secret OIL Order Magic

OIL is the ultimate Order Management Solution powered by Magnus Black. Best-of-breed, easy to implement and fast time to market. Powered by Artificial Intelligence. OIL turns order management into OIL Order Magic.

Never miss a sale
Consumer first
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Unbox this secret in ... Coming soon
Unbox this secret in ... Coming soon

Coming soon: More secrets to unbox

Unique features

  • Retail minded

    Our team lives and breathes retail, we innovate accordingly.

  • Al driven

    Offer world class unified commerce experiences with AI driven omnichannel capabilities.

  • Fast and Agile

    Time to market of a standard solution, flexibility of a custom solution.

  • Future proof

    Continuous innovations, rich, flexible and supporting the latest developments.

  • Modern Technology

    State of the art, microservices based, API driven, Scalable.

  • Sustainability

    Make and keep the sustainability promise that consumers expect.

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'I choose a retailer that delivers according to my preferences and makes it easy to return.’