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Consumer is king

OIL has been born out of a passion for the ultimate consumer experience. Everything we have developed since is centered around doing what is right for your customer. This unique approach has led to a unique order management solution. OIL Order Magic


Many Distributed Order Management solutions have a background in supply chain management. However, our solution, OIL, not only considers supply optimization but also manages the entire order process from start to finish, optimizing, logging, and communicating every stage of the order journey. Our main objective is to ensure delivery that meets the customer's expectations and is delivered as promised.


Here are two examples of dilemmas that OIL can solve for you with the best possible outcome for the consumer. It shows that the magic of OIL lies in its ability to intelligently address consumer expectations while taking into account the unique characteristics of each product.

Unique features

  • Retail minded

    Our team lives and breathes retail, we innovate accordingly.

  • Al driven

    Offer world class unified commerce experiences with AI driven omnichannel capabilities.

  • Fast and Agile

    Time to market of a standard solution, flexibility of a custom solution.

  • Future proof

    Continuous innovations, rich, flexible and supporting the latest developments.

  • Modern Technology

    State of the art, microservices based, API driven, Scalable.

  • Sustainability

    Make and keep the sustainability promise that consumers expect.

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'OIL allows us to make a true delivery promise to the consumer during checkout'
John de Keuning, IT director Blokker.