Consumer first

The story about
bottoms and

“…Imagine that one day a customer orders a bikini and another customer 100 bottles of wine”


What would the consumer expect?

In case the bikini bottom is not in stock? 

Let's imagine that it's summertime and a customer orders a beautiful bikini. If the retailer has both the top and bottom in stock, they will ship it as soon as possible. But what if only the top is in stock and the bottom is out of stock? Would the customer simply wear the top? Of course not. It would most likely be returned, resulting in unnecessary effort for the customer. This could be a valid reason to cancel the order altogether.


In case 99 bottles of wine are in stock?

Once again, let's imagine it's summertime and a customer is throwing a party. They order 100 bottles of wine, but during the picking process, one bottle is accidentally dropped, leaving only 99 bottles in stock. In this scenario, the customer still wishes to receive the 99 bottles. Cheers!


The magic of OIL lies in its ability to intelligently address consumer expectations while taking into account the unique characteristics of each product.