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Green delivery is hot

Optimal logistics with lowest carbon footprint

Introducing an exclusive interview with Cycloon, a leading bicycle courier company revolutionizing sustainable last-mile logistics. Did you know that 80 percent of consumers consider a retailer on it's sustainability levels? As conscious consumers increasingly prioritize logistics with the lowest carbon footprint, OIL is proactively committed to making green last-mile logistics a top priority. With OIL Order Magic, we ensure that sustainability reigns supreme.


Retailers offer sustainable shipping options

In today's world, sustainable delivery management is an integral part of creating a more environmentally friendly shopping experience. Ethically conscious consumers are now scrutinizing a brand's eco credentials more than ever before. To truly provide customers with a greener experience, retailers and web shops must integrate order management software that empowers them to take control of deliveries and offer sustainable shipping options.


Interfaces with green partners

At OIL, we support all major green logistics providers, including bike couriers. Through standard and smart interfaces with these eco-friendly partners, we ensure the allocation of the greenest available ride for your customers' orders. We take into account factors such as weight, dimensions of the shipment, coutier availability and timing to select the right fit with the right carrier, maximizing sustainability at every step.


Let Cycloon cycle!

Join us in embracing sustainability and providing your customers with a truly green delivery experience. Together, we can make a positive impact on our planet. OIL Order Magic – where sustainability meets seamless logistics. Discover the inspiring interview between Lucas Hullegie, commercial director of Cycloon, the leading bicycle courier company of the Netherlands and Michiel Arnoldus, business manager at Magnus OIL. Dive into their conversation.








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Unique features

  • Retail minded

    Our team lives and breathes retail, we innovate accordingly.

  • Al driven

    Offer world class unified commerce experiences with AI driven omnichannel capabilities.

  • Fast and Agile

    Time to market of a standard solution, flexibility of a custom solution.

  • Future proof

    Continuous innovations, rich, flexible and supporting the latest developments.

  • Modern Technology

    State of the art, microservices based, API driven, Scalable.

  • Sustainability

    Make and keep the sustainability promise that consumers expect.

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"Statistics show that 80% of consumers consider a retailer on their sustainability levels."