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What's better for business: an outstanding supply chain or an ultimate customer experience? Actions that seem logical from a supply chain perspective might not always match consumer needs. Imagine this scenario: If the distribution center finds it more efficient to ship the item on the same day and deliver it tomorrow, this seems like efficient supply chain management. Under-promise, over-deliver. But is it? What if the consumer already knew they wouldn't be able to receive the package tomorrow? You can imagine the consequences. The consumer will likely shop somewhere else the next time.  


Focus on operations or on happy consumers? 

If a consumer had the choice between two retailers, which one would they prefer? Retailer A boasts an optimized supply chain operation and therefore the fastest delivery, while Retailer B is renowned for consistently delivering on their promises. Retailer A, with its outstanding supply chain operation, will likely make substantial profits from individual orders. Conversely, Retailer B likely comprehends consumer expectations, cultivating a devoted base of recurring customers. To achieve this, a distinct approach is required, placing the consumer at the center.


Go for the ultimate consumer experience 

Traditionally, DOM solutions emphasize optimizing fulfillment performance, which aligns well with their Supply Chain backgrounds. However, OIL emerged from a devotion to the ultimate consumer experience. Everything developed since then revolves around prioritizing the customer. This distinctive approach has led to a unique order management solution: OIL Order Magic.


“Promise what you can deliver and always deliver according to promise. It’s not just about the fastest delivery. Keep your customer needs in mind, if you want recurring customers.”


Optimize your order fulfillment performance from a consumers perspective 

OIL also assists companies in optimizing their order fulfillment performance. However, OIL's starting points are customer experience and the commitments made as a retailer. As minor as this might seem to be, it significantly influences the concept of a DOM solution. 


Delivering as promised 

When it comes to making realistic promises during the shopping experience and then fulfilling them, OIL takes this to a new level. OIL seamlessly connects all channels and stakeholders, overseeing the complete order lifecycle as expected from a DOM solution. At the same time however, we always stay focused on the ultimate goal: delivering according to the customer's expectation, as promised. 


Loyal customers with OIL and the use of AI 

OIL excels at making intelligent decisions throughout this process. Dilemmas are resolved through the application of Artificial Intelligence, always ensuring the best possible outcome for the consumer and favoring the buyer. At OIL, the consumer is paramount on our platform. 


OIL empowers retailers 

Integrating the concepts of Customer Experience and fulfillment optimization assists retailers in striking a balance between customer expectations and optimum fulfillment costs. OIL empowers retailers to implement and continuously refine this equilibrium. Mastery in this domain enhances overall consumer satisfaction, resulting in heightened retention and loyal customers. 







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Unique features

  • Retail minded

    Our team lives and breathes retail, we innovate accordingly.

  • Al driven

    Offer world class unified commerce experiences with AI driven omnichannel capabilities.

  • Fast and Agile

    Time to market of a standard solution, flexibility of a custom solution.

  • Future proof

    Continuous innovations, rich, flexible and supporting the latest developments.

  • Modern Technology

    State of the art, microservices based, API driven, Scalable.

  • Sustainability

    Make and keep the sustainability promise that consumers expect.